I’m almost 11 weeks.

Goodness growing a human for the second time. I love it but man does it feel like he’ll on earth sometimes. I have stomach aches. My prenatal vitamin is making me constipated. Sometimes I just want to be comfortable but comfort is a sacrifice I have to make to grow this beautiful human.

Nowadays being pregnant is like the baby is actually here. Constantly nagging me, constantly in the way which is everyone. Im annoyed all the damn time. Feels like I’m pregnant with danny again.

I really can’t think straight nowadays. My brain is not my own I feel like my thoughts just slip away from me and its hard to catch them once they are gone and it makes me so angry.

Im so angry and my boyfriends dad. Mainly because I see the bullshit he pulls and the fact that he is always trying to tangle in my relationship. I take that very personal. From what I can see, people as a human race can’t stand being bored so when the mind gets bored it gets curious. Depending on a persons mind set it can be very creative and diabolical or it can be creative and have nice intentions. Unfortunately, I have the diabolical creative monster in my ear nagging tf out of me about my relationship all the time!

Thursday Thought.

Wow I had not realized it was Thursday I’ve been awake since four last night and I haven’t went to sleep yet. I just have been up with anxiety and thinking and writing and actually I’ve been putting curls in my hair too. Curls are my favorite.

My boyfriend left for school. He’ll be back but I’m just like missing him a lot.

I talked to my case manager yesterday about a lot of things I was dealing with such as patterns and why I have been acting the way I act with my relationships as opposed to other things.

I am just rambling right now but I just like getting my thoughts out sometimes and just sharing them with anyone who decides to listen. Lol. I just want to inspire girls everywhere. Hopefully they, you know, can share their thoughts too and be comfortable and open like I am. Sharing things, rambling, talking about themselves personally so they won’t feel alone.