Random Rambles

I keep asking myself why did I stop dreaming about singing and dancing.

1. Not enough support

2. Had to catch the bus all the time


4. Not enough motivation

I still wanna do it sometimes but my life says no. I’m by myself and I love with Michael and my mind has shaped around being his ride or die. That’s where my mind is but i also want to just do for myself.

Last night and this morning was amazing. It was funny because when he came home I was just acting non interested when I was. I was chilling and he basically invaded my space and I’m like ugh. I don’t want to jump just because you came home. So He wanted to have sex and idk what else but I was just still chilling and didn’t wanna be bothered. Lol so it was funny cause by the time I got out of the shower he was gone my world dropped I’m like, really? Is this my punishment but I was like whatever nobody said being selfish was a prize everytime, it has it’s disadvantage and that was one of them but I wasn’t tripping. I ended up being bored but it was cool it happens but I had a good day so that’s all that mattered. It was also funny that when he finally came home I was just laying there acting like I was sleep. I was happy that he came home but he saw that I was and I seriously didn’t know I was smiling. Lol he said something about me smiling and all I could do was laugh. Then he farted and I laughed even harder. I was mad that he was making me laugh because I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I was so happy. Lol. Then he layed down and somehow we were having a pillow fight and I was curling under him laughing and oh my gosh I felt so alive next to him. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but it was like 10’o clock and I knew how it felt waking the hell up at 3’o clock in the morning and I really wanted him but I just layed there and was thinking but I couldn’t stop thinking then I’m like oh em gee. So I got up and got some water and then I layed back down but that didn’t help so I kissed him and left the room so I wouldn’t bother him. Like 15 mins later he got up came in the room😍😍😍 slid his pretty body on top of me and started kissing me. Oh my gooood he lot my world on fire. I was so in love and he had no idea how powerful he was and how much I needed him. Oh my gooood. Michael whew. His fine ass. Mmh. Anyways so then we just kissed and I didn’t want to let him go. He felt so good.!every inch of his hips back and side was like magic. Whew. He asked me oh my god and I love when he talk to me when we making love he asked who’s pussy is this and I didn’t hear him at first cause hhis love was so loud I couldn’t hear his beautiful voice. So he said I know u hear me and then i heard what he said he said who’s pussy is this and I said it’s your Michael he said no it’s who I said it’s yours daddy and he was gripping me oooh yea and making sweet love to his pussy. Oh man then on the edge of the bed he made me sparkle and shine and just burst into his love and he came with that sexy moan of his and made my body mind and spirit just die. I sat up and just say there not knowing what to do but I knew he stole my hear after that and I fell in love with him all over again.

Damn lol this a long ass story.

Then we layed down it was one of them times where I couldn’t out my clothes on so I didn’t even though he put his short on. I didn’t care lol. Later on in the night he slid his shorts down. I knew his fine ass was tired but his love was calling me even though he was sleep. Man I wanted him to wake up but I got up and put…. Lol he just text meah yeaa. Oh k anyway I put my clothes on and layed down and went to sleep his pants was still down but I ain’t care I went to sleep so he could sleep. So then he left I gave him a hug before he left cause his love was just pulling me towards him. Then he came home so he could get some papers. It was funny cause I asked him why the heck are u here I was still half sleep. He said he had to get some papers and I just layed there like a zombie. We talked a little bit but then he cut lights off and made love to me again. I was so dead sleep in love oh my god. Oh Michael. Lol. So then I was mad cause how he left me feeling fucking amazing that’s what it was then before he left he out on his cologne and I sews I was home and he was my soulmate and I didn’t know anything else but him.

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