Random Rambles

Me and Michael had an intense argument this morning , I’ll call work just to be safe because I didn’t know what was gonna happen, I lied. So of course I was mad at Michael because of my insecurities and the fact that he made it seem like he didn’t wanna talk about anything. So I just was just mad about a lot so I left because I just didn’t wanna do nothing crazy or say something that I was gonna regret. So he came after me I was so mad and I just felt like he didn’t deserve me. I told him that. He told me everything, he told me how I play a big part in his life with the things I do. Me and Michael have a home together and I don’t know what better I can ask for. Ima have fun, I swear after that I just was like yes. We are good and he gave me a key to the house and said this is your home he told me he was thankful for me . He told me after the argument that I can leave if I want and everything but all he could say was please don’t. Lol he said that he isn’t gonna start singing the tank song lol he made me laugh after our fight. He told me that my way of communicating was good. The letter I wrote him that I thought was me just being desperate and vulnerable and he said it was beautiful. I was like what?!!!! Lol. But I have a better understanding of how things are gonna go and it took a lot of weight off of me so I’m better and I’m thankful for him trying. I will forever remember this and he told me that he wasn’t gonna let me leave. It’s so crazy how he would fight for me. I didn’t know. Lol my mom told me she loved me today aw I felt so special that was the first time she has ever told me that. I’m better and I’m growing wiser everyday and I’m thankful for that.

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