Random Rambles

Ok….weird. Lol I just asked Michael was he home and lol he said he is kind of tipsy like um sooo weird. So I realized I have to pay attention to my feelings more instead of trying to handle situations. I need to ask myself how I am feeling about it in order to understand myself better. So for example Michael told me he was kind of typsy… Lol it was funny cause he said typsy lol. So I kind of feel like that’s wrong and why would he drink with her, I mean I’m not saying why as in why ugh , why as in, they are parents lol he doesn’t even drink with me, I mean its cool though but he can do what he wants, that’s him I really don’t care I told him to just be safe at least if he is with Kaylana I know he is safe lol. He had texted me back and told me half a pill and I’m like what and I forgot our conversation earlier. So about him hanging with Kaylana , I don’t like it, I feel she should look for another relationship or guy to mess with and get some sense, it makes no sense to keep holding on to him, I mean look I live with him, that is my home , and I get to say if it is permanent or not and it is my home, so yea. Lol I’m not saying I want him I really don’t care either way I’m just gonna do me and make sure I’m happy at the end of the day. She is unhappy soooo unhappy, is that my fault? No she is a dumb hitch like the rest of them. So yea but I don’t like it but its nothing I can do about two humans wanting to spend time together, just like Michael can’t stop me from hanging out with another guy, lol I can’t just deal with him, unfortunately I can’t because I am going to continue with my life and me but yea Guys like Michael are trapped with crazy dumb notches like her lol i care too much about my mind to trap any guy. They are worth it, at all. I’m worth a lot and that’s why I live with Michael . I do deserve him so I am going to work harder at what I am doing and paying attention to my feelings. I feel better about it now that I talked. So I’m cool. Listening to music and singing helps me feel better about alot of situations. so im cool. He is awesome and I appreciate my oh so messed up roommate that would fight for me, literally but won’t die for me lol. I just hopes he doesn’t get her pregnant again , that would suck. I wish him the best. These girls are so stupid. Oh and I realized I don’t like hanging out with a group of girls at all. It suck because they all look like rats and I don’t do I just look like an outcast. It makes me feel like I don’t belong. So w.e. fuck them I stand alone . Like I said I just wanna enjoy my autumn. That argument was way overdo though.

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