Random Rambles

Ok now I have been extremely emotionally extremely psychotic and extremely annoying and I have blown things out of proportion. Now it’s time to work hard with my relationship with him and my relationship with me. I don’t like the depression stage or the I want to be by myself stage or the I’m going to get on his fucking nerves because I want to. It’s time to dance and sing our way through both of these relationships. It’s time to calm down and humble our self. Have fun be silly but have self control I’m proud of you for going through the whole weak side of you. Thankfully it was well manage but I didn’t want it to go any other way. It’s time. I saw the evil side of you and so did he but no more its time to be Kaitlynn Blaylock. Not that irritating bitch cause oh my god. That is the title of the month of September. Ugh it was so just horrible. I had to test myself and I had to test him. Now it’s time to stop all the games. It’s not going to be easy but the effort is definitely going to be worth it. I love you no matter what and I am so proud of you

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