Random Rambles

The way I felt ,the way I performed should of left a mark on his soul. I made love to him. i was on top of him making love to him, expressing my love my strong intense love to him nice and slow. i made him cum after he whispered “come here” I didnt know how to feel i just performed and kept quiet staring at him speechless and caught in the moment. all i did was kiss him and hug him all i knew all i wanted was for him to know and to feel my love. i swear i dont know any other way to do it. i love him and thats alll i know. I cant keep expecting someone to love me im sick of it. i love him and im going to love him as hard as i can. i cant keep holding it in. No words just action, I can’t keep saying what I am going to do what I feel what I want. No one listens so I have to speak another language, a body language when I choose to make love to him. I chose to make love to him, to make him weak, as weak as I felt that night I got angry at him. If I saw me, if I met me, I would make love to her I would cherish the ground she walks on. I wouldn’t dare hurt her. When I kiss her I would make sure she knows I love her I would make sure it skips passed her mind and reaches her soul that way it bounces back to her mind and fulfills her whole body. No one has chose to love me the way I want to be loved. I understand his completely and I will perform accordingly. My soul can take no more its ready to tell the world it has had enough. It s powerful than ever, and stronger. I’m speechless with my own performance. I love you Kait . Thank you.

Don’t be envious, don’t be hurt and don’t be angry, be inspired to be better than you were the time and the life before. You have a gift don’t let anyone take that away from you.

I told him I love him and I’m NOT GOING TO KEEP TELLING HIM

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