Random Rambles

Lol I like playing happy Kaity just to think about it. I’m happy and my mind is growing. One little thought can make a bug difference. It doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the phone or on the other side of the door. Lol I think Michael thinks I’m tired of him but idk. I got asked out on a date by Dior. Lol I haven’t heard from him in a while but it’s like regardless my happiness matters and I’m learning what makes me happy and what I should avoid, which is drama. I just wanna grow older smarter everyday of my life. I don’t want my mind to ever stop growing and I want to advance my mind body and spirit to it fullest extent . I wanna be able to analyze everything and be able to have an epiphany like I did on Saturday that the only way I was able to come to this point . I feel like I have accomplished my future . I feel like I am living my dreams and I don’t want to wake up. I’m happy loving Michael and seeing Harmonie I’m in love with it. It makes me sooo happy and its irony, Kaylanna is supposed to be in this position and I am in it and it like wooow, what the hell am I complaining about. I have him to thank for this. Its like i dont care about how he feels or is planning or is thinking when it comes to me i just know i love him and i know thats all i want to do along with my other life. and this is my favorite season so i am going to take advantage of the time i have here. the fall inspires me. I’m not a girlfriend and I’m not a wife but I want to be it whether I earn a title or not. Usually when you have the qualities of a jobs, you usually are hired but at this point I rather work without pay because I love what I do i dont need a ring lol but at a certain point its appreciated. I’m not asking for nothing in return because every action I perform fulfill me and I’m so happy. Enjoy it while it last right? Make the best of today right? That’s what I thought😏

When I talked to Michael about what I was doing over the past few days, something happened afterwards, it’s like I had cleared out some of my thoughts so I could think and get a clear understanding of what I was trying to come to an understanding about and it worked. I came to a conclusion very easily by doing that. That’s why I talk to myself or why people do that sometimes it’s really necessary. Just like sometimes I have to write things down in order for them to stick , like the really important stuff or it left floating in my brain waiting to be remembered and used

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