Campaign 14 Preview Reviews

I have some things that I really am not sure about but thats the point of me doing the blog post so I can, you know, test then with you guys, so I can figure out what is a go or a no go.

I have these Avon Sandals. Now, I wear a size 10. They are called casual comfort everyday sandals, size 10, color blue. They have man made materials. I have to always have something comfortable on my feet because I have back problems. I like them so far because the idea of comfort in any fashion is a definite for me. They are something for me to throw own and if I dont feel like wearing socks I can just slide them on. This is perfect for spring weather or sometimes I might be lazy and slip them on because I dont have any around the house slippers.

I have samples of the Avon Afirm yourself body firming cream. I am interested in trying this out. It says that “96% of women show improvement in hip and Abdomen areas, so I will definitely try that.

I have whitening essentials Flouride toothpaste and tooth brush. It says 10x the stain removal it is charcoal black. I am very skeptical about trying this but I am going to try this but I didnt even know I ordered this, Maybe it was apart of the campaign product series.

I also have samples of the belif true cream. It is for your face. The samples are one time use.

I have the belif true cream aqua bomb. It is a light gel cream for the face. I am interested in trying that out

I have a hair mask I am interested in trying this but I have no idea how I am going to do this having my hair loc’d. It is supposed to be rejuvenating. What I might do is just put it over my edges because those are in need of some attention. It has ingredients but it doesnt tell me how to use it. So I dont know how to use a hair mask actually but I am going to try it and see how it goes.

I have Hair oil serum. I dont know what to do with this but I am going to try it. It is supposed to repair damaged hair with its natural ingredients honey ,royal jelly and I am supposed to apply one or two pumps on evenly damp or dry hair. Not supposed to rinse it. With my hair texture. I have mixed hair texture.

Also I have the silvertone 3 piece sparkle set. Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet

I have hydrafusion gel cream 72 hours of hydration. It has hyauloric acid in it.

I have the anew depuffing eye serum.

I Avon persistent lip matte

Anew Vitamin C serum, Vitamin C Warming peel, Exfoliant autochaffant antioxidant lip treatment.

Anew power, Nobel prize winning research.

Even though I am not that much older my skin really shows signs of aging. So I think it is ok with me being 27 to begin trying it. I dont mind

This is what I was really interested in trying. I dont wear makeup but just because I am blogging about makeup. This is pretty much the only time I m going to wear it becauseI just want to try it out. Its VDL Lumilayer Duo Sample Kit. Lumilayer Primer and LUmilayer primer fresh.

I also have thie Advanced recovery cream. It is for face. place a sufficient amount on face, pat to promote absorption. Dr. Belmeur. We will try that.

I have himalayan pink salt toothe paste. That is interesting! I am very interest in trying out that.

Now when I was younger my mom used to buy skin so soft deodorant from Avon. I love the smell of this. Its soft essential and ooooh I love this smell its like a powdery type clean smell

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