Intimate Fanatic III

The sun felt so warm on my skin, I felt so beautiful with the way Juene smiled holding my hand. It felt so

amazing as we walked together in the sand against the shore. Looking out at the water, and the sunset

all I wanted to do was drown in his love, in our love. The way he smiled melted my heart and set my soul

on fire. I could feel my ashes emersing in the ocean. I became one with the sea. That’s how he made me

feel. I was able to breathe underwater and embrace my fear of the deep undiscovered territories of the

sea. My ashes, undetectable by the marine life. My spirit drifting so peacefully throughout the water. I

didn’t need to know how to swim in order for my spirit to flow the way it did.

When he kissed me, my body went numb. The look in my eye spoke to the passion I felt when he

touched me. I couldn’t breath but because we were together he was all the oxygen I needed. I felt

immersed in his presence as if my soul was doing all the work for me, we intertwined together. His hand

in mine. he traced his fingers down the middle of my hand, down the inside of my arm above my breast,

up my neck, to my lips, and somehow I kissed his finger. He made love to me with every inch of him. Just

with his touch, the way he looked at me, the way his lips caressed my skin. No time existed and nothing

else. it was just me him and our bodies emerging within one another. Hearing his voice was power to my

body with everything he told me to do.

He spoke with his lips against my skin, every demand ending with an electrifying kiss

“tell me you need me”

” I need you”

“tell me you love me”

I love you

Tell me you want me

I want you

Only me


His kiss felt so powerful I didn’t even realize how much I released during that moment.

He traced his hand, slid it down my leg teased his hand in the direction of my thigh, went in between my

thigh up to feel how wet I was. I heard him moaning when he went deeper. I opened my eyes and

looked at him. He smiled, and I couldn’t help but to kiss him. I pulled him closer and his fingers went

deeper inside of me. He felt my breath and my heart pulsating the deeper he went. He held the back of

my neck so I wouldn’t stop kissing him while he took control of everything I felt. I couldn’t help but to let

out a long moan as I felt myself getting closer to him. I couldn’t hold it in any longer I opened my eyes

seeing him stare back at me to signal him not to stop, he knew in my eyes what was happening. He

knew how hard he wanted me to cum so I layed my head back and let him take control of me as he

kissed my neck. He wanted to feel every part of me when he satisfied me. He gripped my thigh harder as

he felt me tighten up on him. he told me to cum for him and he knew I was there.

UUUUuUUHaaahhh…… I moaned as he felt me coming down. He watched me come to.

“you are so beautiful” as I opened my eyes he watched me relaxing.

I grabbed him and held him until the sun finally set with us.

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