Intimate Fanatic II

At this point its weird. I want a man to make love to me. I want to be freshly out the shower. Laying naked under a towel so he can massage me.

As I lay there he smells so good like fresh air into my soul…..mmh it makes me want him so bad and I instantly get wet.

H So im laying there and I dont know what he put on me but it blends in with how amazing he smells. It like the smells are harmonized together and the way his hands touch my thighs and his hands are so soft thighs. Mmmhm. I feel him instantly falling in love with the feel of my skin. He takes his time exploring my body. He is standing over me while I lay the on my stomach. My body screams the moment he takes his hands off me. I was so deep in how he made me feel i didnt realize I let out a soft groan when his touch left me. I felt myself getting wetter. I felt him getting closer to me and when he touch the back of my thighs near my ass cheeks oh my god. Iwanted him to fuck me so bad but still take his time and to my body with his hands.

Mmmmhm his handsslid buttocks. I swear I couldnt breath and he noticed me responding to his touch trying not to cum or grab him to be on top of me. He asked me if I was alright and I said yes. Not realizing how sexual my responses sounded but I didnt care cause I felt so good. This man was saving my life.

He was massaging my lower back and teasing me massaging my buttocks and spreading them apart as he massaged them.

My pussy screamed for him. I know he hears that wetness everytime my ass claps back together.

I had my arms up folded under my headed. He slid his hands on my side. Slowly touching and teasing me below my breast. I moaned again.

He knew what he was doing cause he asked me in the sweetest low tone “is something wrong?”  “Nooo” my pussy spoke from my mouth. It was watering all my senses were heightened but the anticipation was driving me and I wanted this to last. I wanted my body to get the full

Experience cause he was mine and we had all the time in the world to make love to one another.

He was in front of me massaging the sides of my back. 

His penis brushed up against my hand as he reached down my back to grab my ass again.

I bit my lips wanting him to smack my ass.

As I was taking my last breath i felt his warm silky chocolate lips kiss my back between my shoulders.

He did it then, i felt like i was running water from my pussy. He kissed me again. He kissed me soft. His tongue touched my skin pushing his lips on my skin and mmmmmhm i felt my pussy lips part. He continued to place his lips on my back, one kiss at a time. “Mmmmmhm” escaped my lips and is warm wet tongue went down my back as he still stood in front of me, his dick brushing on me. I wanted hims to take me I wasnt moving a muscle unless it was my pussy hugging his dick.

His hands spread my ass cheeks apart as he slid them up my thighs and his fingers swept my pussy on the way up.

He gripped my ass and kissed them then I swear he slithered onto me. His hands his lips his body. He grabbed my waist, turned me over and took my body. He kiss my neck my shoulders.grabbing my breast kissing them making me drown in my own cum. I moaned and he let out a satisfying groan. I didnt realize my eye were closed. I felt him kiss my pelvis and when I opened my eyes I fell in love with what I saw. He was kissing my stomach loving every momebt of it. His eyes his mouth his skin his hands and his tongue were in love with me.  I was in a trance watching him until his kissed my pussy and my legs melted open as his lips kissed my clit an his tongue touched and inserted inside of me. I was shaking and I moaned and grabbed his hands and his arms and he grabbed me harder and I couldnt and didnt want to release how delicious he made me feel. He devoured me and didnt stop no matter how mcuh I moaned. His tongue went deeper inside of me and I couldnt keep it in the way he made love to me with his mouth. I moaned baby yes. He gripped my thighs tighter. He felt my pussy grip his tongue so he took it out and placed it on my clit and kissed it so softly. Mmmhm. He felt me relax as he began to kiss around my pussy on my thighs my stomach and my lips. Then he went back to my lips kissed them. Licked up and down and around spelling I love you with his tongue. When he got to the last letter. He fucked my pussy so good with his tongue. I went numb it felt so good. i couldnt breathe he hypnotized me and I swear I felt high. He licked sucked and I was stuck in that trance before every sense in my body spiked and i grabbed his hand and screamed. Babbbbbyyyy. That feels so good. I love you…..mmmmmmhhhhm. I bit my lip and I swear I couldnt stop cuming. I wanted him more. Baby please. He saw my fave and knew exactly what to do. He was ready i layed there craving him.inside of me. He kissed my neck as he slid himself inside of him. Our bodys so close. He made love to me with every stroke I felt myself hugging him and he kissed me made love to me. He went harder and harder and I crywd baby please. He said yes. I said baby please dont stop. He stroked trying so hard not to cum but he kissed me and said I love you. And all I could do was grab him and he exploded. Keeping himself inside of me kissing me touching me not able to get enough. He said he loved me so many times as he kissed me. I couldnt move but i kissed him too and he lay there caressing me and kissing me. We both lay under sthe covers holdingg each other.

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