A couple pep talks and maybe a poem?

“Live for love!!

When I miss I close my eyes and breathe

I sing a song for you

I release my stress as I run down this path of life

I hold myself tight to know this is where it starts

The pain , the laughter , and the love

The closer I feel to you the stronger I grow, the more confidence, I build and the more adventure I seek to make life better for me, for my future

Is to fight to the very end knowing we can’t give up on each other through it all. My secret life of love that develops me for you shhh…aaah bring me more. It’s my drug to keep surviving, to keep going on and to keep loving and to keep going. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

“I am taking my revenge out on love. It has broken me and made me loathe the day it ever existed. I don’t have it. I can’t have it. I have to wait for it. It is not who I am, it does not mirror my soul. Instead it hurts me and makes me watch its corpse lay there and sink down into the ground and leave me with the hurt of the past👿👿👿. Leaves me with the hurt of the past. The past that tears love apart that way it is stuck to the soul to mirror pain and pain only. 👿👿👿👿 no one can have me…. Only I can have me!

I didn’t have sex with Melvin and that ended us completely. I don’t care and I’m proud of myself. I want to go looking for a car but I would need help and I asked my fucked up mother and she told me to go online! I fucking hate her! My fucked up alcoholic drinking ass brother doesn’t want to help me but he wants to tell me I’m using his friends and he doesn’t want me talking to him but he uses the fuck out of the girls. They both are fucking retarded!!! I’m only with they ass to basically help myself out with “saving money all that other shit , no! I’m about to get my own place when I get my car so fuck them! I’m moving up with my life and nobody and they stupid ass can stop me. I don’t want to talk to Michael. He needs to focus on school and he doesn’t need me. What does he need me for if he doesn’t want a relationship? Sex and that’s it. I’m not having sex no time soon because I fucking don’t want to. I want to be by myself and people in general are just fucked up. I swear I know I had to learn life lessons when Donald passed away but he was everything in one when it came to love. We had that bond that I have to wait to build. I don’t want to wait so i don’t want shit. I want to just be literally me and me only for a while. I wanna start school back and I want to love myself and take care of myself without people so I’m going to stay to myself and live my life until its time for me to make a family. I want my own family. I’m sick of these fucked up people in this world. Ima make sure my kids know. Ima still fight I don’t care what happens and I will not limit myself or stop myself for anything. They will grow just as strong as I am”

Ok well aim not sure what that one was about but I wrote these back in 2013. I have always been a writer. I wrote poems short story’s, love fantasies, I have them private on this blog. If u want to read them just let me know. Lol. I hope you enjoy the share!

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