This Avon Catalog is Fye!

Oh my goodness! I am in love with this Digital Avon Catalog! Its so colorful and its full of all of Avons products and its displayed so nicely and I just love it and it has gifs and links I can share and I am so excited!

Ok so Campaign 14 which runs from June 10th thru June 23rd is so exciting!

The new digital Catalog can be customized to each and every customers liking, if you would only like a few products feature in your catalog that can be arranged.

You can sign up as a customer if you would like and I will personalize your catalog to your liking.

The digital Catalog is a fun, interactive shopping experience for customers-right from home or on the go. I know I enjoy using this tool for my customers.

You are sure to love these features

My favorite is the Virtual makeover and shade finder tools.

How-to videos: Expert tips, tricks and tutorials just for you!

All links provided will link you to my online Avon Store so if you have any questions feel free to contact me through the website or make a comment on this blog post.

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