Premenstrual Rant


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I am really going through it. I’m really struggling its that time of the month. I really want some ice cream, Baskin Robbins rainbow sherbet sound so good right now. Maybe a snickers chocolate bar, or snickers ice cream bar. Also maybe even some Reese’s pieces so great right about now. Pamprin would help to right now because I feel so bloated. It really helps with the water retention, makes me feel so much better and it also helps with the cramps. The pads I use are always. I like to cuddle with a nice throw blanket. Fuzzy socks  I still have from Christmas. I also would like a teddy bear. I also like to watch a favorite comedy show or maybe even a dram. Caress Foam Shower gel is my fave or maybe even dial moisturizing shower wash and stress ball helps and I really want to cry so I make sure I have some soft tissues like Kleenex tissue box. All of these things I purchased from Walmart. Maybe I need to make a store run.

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