All I here is Womp Womp:)

All of this posting and all of these rules. I really get down. I made the huge mistake of not knowing what I was getting myself into when I started Affiliate Marketing but even though I am feeling like crap at the moment because Its been 3 months and I haven’t made a sale and I am still learning how to carry this idea out.

I know I am very blessed to have made it up to this point with the knowledge I have and even though deep down inside I’m fighting myself because I am not preparing for the worst. I dont have a back up, I refuse to give up and I know it’s going to work out.

I have huge dreams that I have been putting aside. I wanted to sing when I was little, didn’t have the confidence or strength to do that. When I  got into school I was obsessed with dancing but my hand-eye coordination was off, something was wrong but I let that go.

 When I was living with my former significant other I had dreams to shop, travel the world, and be my best version of me. Even though that was a hard time in my life, that part of my life I loved the most because I was everything I didnt want to be. I was angry, jealous, self-conscious, had crazy mood swings, and throwing tantrums. These things are much worse than how I mention it. Only I can imagine.

 I found out after days ,months, and even a couple of years in denial that I had Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a subject that hits me so hard and I am crying as I type this out because I hate it. This can be discussed at a later time now that I think about it.

I learned to love myself because that was a dream I knew I could accomplish no matter what happened in life. There was definitely alot happening in my life.

The love I had for myself was unconditional, bitter, back and forth, confused, and even a disaster but I knew that it would all have been worth it in the end. Now I have the man of my dreams because of it but, I had lots of help and I am grateful for it.

That is why I refuse to give up on this Affiliate Marketing thing because its not just the Affiliate Marketing, its the desire I have to help everyone. I know that isnt possible but I ain’t quiting.

EmpowerKai is the soul of my presence on the internet, social media, and everything I post. It is my business to inspire, motivate, and uplift the next person.

I dont have my definition of my presence clearly stated out and to the point but I am getting there. I am getting there and it’s a journey that requires alot of  rerouting, revamping, and restarting. I am going to keep this method going until I end up where I know I made a significant impact and that my presence doesnt go unnoticed.

Thank you,

Kaitlynn Blaylock

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