Ankai’s Tryouts

SO I have been looking for this inspiration for a while. I had one of my “premonition’s” or where I remember this weird thought that I had in my dream that popped up randomly while I was awake like it came out of the deep dark depths of my mind. Yeah, it goes K-Boom but […]


I sat there unable to breath I was so overwhelmed with emotion. My hear ached, so many questions went through my head, Why am I so overwhelmed? why cant I just relax? why do I feel like shit? All the noise in my head was so loud I couldn’t even feel myself crying. After we […]

Friday frights

I have a lot of thoughts in my head I have a lot of thoughts I can’t get out there’s so many things I wanna do there’s so many things that I can’t do there’s so many people that I want to tell you how I feel but I’m just afraid of exposure I don’t […]

I have a crush…..

I have a crush on this guy. I am a hopeless romantic. Its the only way I can live! He has locs just like me. I want to treat this like a crush, in a way it liberates me. The only problem is, I dont think I would really want to be with this person…..I […]

Random Rambles

Understanding past relationships and the aftermath of it We as individual are one world alone. We live in a huge world but when we get alone all we have is our mind body and spirit. Practices such as yoga and meditation helps all of it connect. When it connects its like it preparing the mind […]

Random Rambles

Change is inevitable, so if something is boring one day that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be boring the next so go ahead and keep it boring but change is coming and u will be happy it did so go with the flow and enjoy the ride😊the magic time is 90 days. It takes […]

Random Rambles

The way I felt ,the way I performed should of left a mark on his soul. I made love to him. i was on top of him making love to him, expressing my love my strong intense love to him nice and slow. i made him cum after he whispered “come here” I didnt know […]

Random Rambles

Lol I like playing happy Kaity just to think about it. I’m happy and my mind is growing. One little thought can make a bug difference. It doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the phone or on the other side of the door. Lol I think Michael thinks I’m tired of him […]

Random Rambles

I let Michael fertilize me we talked about it and we agreed that if he asked me to get the pill would I get it. Yea regardless of what I want because I know my situation and I see my reality without a doubt . I purposely had people talk me out of it and […]

Random Rambles

Just before he showed up I looked over at the sky. It was so beautiful it was blue and the sun was setting this was at 7:55pm. At pf changs fairlaneIt was 88 degrees outside I had on a dress that I felt so beautiful in. I just got my eyebrows done also, I didn’t […]


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